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Welcome to Money Land, a blog where we post articles about, as the name suggests, money! This blog will be about more than pennies, and it will be about more than dollars. Many of the articles will discuss finance on a broader scale. You can learn about investments, savings plans, and how to apply for a loan. We wold not call this blog Money Land if the name did not have some significance. Here in Money Land, all are welcome, as long as they have a passion for learning and for finance. And really, we should all have a passion for finance since it makes the world go 'round.



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Expand Your Investments: Why You Owe It To Yourself To Buy Bitcoins
4 June 2021

If you've been postponing your venture into Bitcoi


Expand Your Investments: Why You Owe It To Yourself To Buy Bitcoins

If you've been postponing your venture into Bitcoin investments, it's time to make some changes to your portfolio. You might think that Bitcoins are a risky investment, but that's not necessarily the case. Not only that but there are risks involved in any type of investment you might get involved with. Before you pass up the opportunity to invest in Bitcoins, read the information provided below. You'll find four important reasons why you should add Bitcoins to your list of investments. 

Worldwide Acceptance

If you're worried about limitations that might exist with Bitcoin investments, don't be. There was a time when Bitcoin acceptance was quite limited, which meant your ability to use the money you've earned from the investment was limited as well. Luckily, that's no longer the case. Bitcoins have gained worldwide acceptance, which means your investment is welcome anywhere you go. As an added benefit, there are Bitcoin wallet apps that allow you to access your money as easily as you would access the money you have in your personal bank account. 

Easy Access for Beginners

If you're just getting started in the investment world, you can expect to spend years trying to learn the ropes for traditional investment streams. However, you won't have that problem when you invest in Bitcoins. That's because Bitcoin investments are designed to provide easy access to beginners, which means you can get started earning high returns as soon as you make your first investment.

Fewer Government Regulations

If you're tired of having your investments regulated and controlled by the government, it's time to invest in Bitcoins. Most governments maintain tight control over investment funds and portfolios. Unfortunately, that control limits the amount of money that can be earned through those investments. Not only that but investment income is heavily taxed. Luckily, you won't have that problem when you invest in Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency. 

Higher Return for on Your Investment

Finally, if you want to enjoy a high return on your investment dollars, you should be investing in Bitcoins. One of the great things about investing in Bitcoins is that you can enjoy a high return on your investment dollars. 

Excellent Addition to Investment Portfolio

If you've already started building your investments for retirement, it's time to expand your portfolio. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in Bitcoins. You might not know this, but the investments you make in Bitcoins will help to strengthen your portfolio. 

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